Operations Department

The department is headed by the Director Operations, and is made up of Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Treatment Plants and the Central

Workshop. The units are headed by Ag Chief Engineers Civil, Deputy Director Electrical, and Deputy Director Mechanical while the Plants are manned by Plant Managers and Central Workshop is headed by a Workshop Manager.

The Department is charged with the responsibility of producing and distributing portable water to the urban centers in Kaduna state, where plant and water works have been established. To achieve the above, the department routinely carries out maintenance of pumping mains, electrical and mechanical equipments in and outside plants.

The department has the following units for the execution of its activities namely:

This unit carries out electrical and mechanical maintenance works handles all issues relating to electrical and mechanical in the water corporation. The unit also monitors and controls the activities of plant managers and the workshop managers. The unit is headed by chief engineer electrical/mechanical.

This unit carries out rehabilitation, maintenance and extension of pipeline distribution network whenever assign by the Managing Director to the department. The unit is headed by Ag. Chief Engineer (civil).

Treatment plant and water works

This unit serves as the engine room for water production to which treated water is pumped into various reservoirs to be distributed either by gravity or by pumping in areas where booster station exist.


This unit carries out operation and maintenance of all electro-mechanical machineries, fabrication of pumps spare parts etc. The unit is headed by workshop manager under monitoring and control of the director of operation.

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