Commercial Department

We Provides Solutions and Generate Revenue for the State.

The Commercial Department is the organ of the utility that handles revenue generation for the Board. Amongst other things its functions include:

Dauda Bello Yusuf
Director Commercial · Effecting Private Water Connections

· Classifying water consumers for the purpose of Tariff
· Advising the Board on water tariff issues
· Preparing and delivering invoices to customers and following up.

· Management and maintenance of customers relationship

· Documenting and maintaining customer records
· Executing on behalf of the Board all required marketing strategies for the growth and sustenance of the business of KSWB

Departmental/Revenue Generation Challenges and Way Forward

a. Raw water Consumers have been requesting for a look into the raw water pricing since the review of the tariff in January 2012 water Consumers have been defaulting since the review of the Tariff in January 2012.

b. Institutional customers such as the Military, the Police, Prisons etc are very difficult debtors as they sparingly respond to bills.

c. EXCO conclusion early 2012 directed the Ministry for Local Government to deduct at source both arrears and current water rates.

d. The conclusion also directed that water rates for houses occupied by Govt. Employees be deducted from their salaries.

e. The Delegated Management Programme (DelMAP) is yet to fully get entrenched as there are still teething problems such as reorganizing the staffing of each District for greater efficiency. The buy-in and understanding of the lower cadre staff is being worked upon while the DelMap Units are being given greater latitude in budget preparation and implementation.

f. Car Wash, Block Industries and Flower Gardens are heavy consumers of water; yet their response to demand notices do not justify their consumption.

g. Some Distribution networks are annexed in estates and buildings which make it difficult to severe supply of defaulting customers. KSWB is organizing albeit in piece meal the relocation of the pipelines along these estates.

h. The low capacity utilization in districts other than Kaduna and Zaria is of great challenge as customers do not respond since water supply has been erratic due to poor power supply.


The Kaduna State Water Corporations is the best in term of quality service delivery.


Muhammad Ahmed

The Kaduna State Water Corporations is the best in term of quality service delivery.


Sanusi Lawal Dabo